After fleeing violence in Haiti, data engineer now makes $130,000

This story is part of CNBC Make It’s Millennial Money series, which details how people around the world earn, spend and save their money. Nearly 20 years ago, most of Lenny Pyrrhus’ immediate family fled Haiti after his uncle, a popular musician known as Ti Pierre, was killed during a political protest against a repressive military-led government … Read more

Americans Are Vacationing More, but Staying in Work Mode

More Americans are taking vacations. That doesn’t mean they’re staying off work email or truly checking out. Notorious for not taking time off, U.S. workers are vacationing in numbers not seen in years, booking flights and heading out on getaways they put off because of Covid-19 disruptions. Nearly 60% of Americans say they took at … Read more

These Dwarf Galaxies Seem to Be Devoid of Dark Matter, And It Doesn’t Make Sense

Ask astronomers about dark matter and one of the things they talk about is that this invisible, mysterious ‘stuff’ permeates the universe. In particular, it exists in halos surrounding most galaxies.   The mass of the halo exerts a strong gravitational influence on the galaxy itself, as well as on others in the neighborhood. That’s … Read more

Cutting costs, merging, shelving Batgirl: is this the end of HBO Max? | Warner Bros

The drama has been coming thick and fast at the AT&T-owned entertainment behemoth Warner Bros Discovery – unfortunately for the company, and its viewers, the action is all taking place in its boardrooms. The company was formed after the spin-off of WarnerMedia by AT&T and its merger with Discovery in April last year, media watchers … Read more

Electric Cars Are Too Costly for Many, Even With Aid in Climate Bill

Policymakers in Washington are promoting electric vehicles as a solution to climate change. But an uncomfortable truth remains: Battery-powered cars are much too expensive for a vast majority of Americans. Congress has begun trying to address that problem. The climate and energy package passed on Sunday by the Senate, the Inflation Reduction Act, would give … Read more