Amazon is giving away $135 in free money to spend on Amazon Prime Day 2022. Here’s how to cash in

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is almost here. On July 12 and 13, Amazon will slash prices on top-rated tech, kitchen gadgets, apparel and more for Amazon Prime members.

This year’s Amazon Prime Day may prove to be the best — and most lucrative — one yet. That’s because Amazon is offering $135 worth of free money to Prime members. Read on to see all the ways you can get free money at Amazon now to spend on Amazon Prime Day 2022.

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Amazon free money deal No. 1: Spend $50 on gift cards, get a $10 credit

Amazon free money deal No. 2: Reload $100 on a gift card, get a $10 credit

Amazon free money deal No. 3: Complete a Prime Stampcard, get a $10 credit

There are at least four easy ways to earn free money at Amazon right now. You’ll get a free $10 Amazon promotional credit when you buy an Amazon e-gift card for the first time ($50 minimum). Then, you can earn another $10 when you reload that gift card with $100 or more. You’ll get yet another $10 when you active and complete your 2022 Prime Stampcard by exploring the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership.

Finally, you can get up to $60 by visiting and making purchases through Amazon’s new Prime Day Offers hub. You can earn free money when you buy movie tickets, shop for goods made by Proctor & Gamble and explore alternative financing options from Affirm.

But don’t delay: All these special promotional offers are available for a limited time. 

Amazon free money deal No. 1: Spend $50 on gift cards, get $10

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Amazon’s best gift card deal is back. First-time electronic gift card customers can get a $10 promotional credit when they spend $50 or more on gift cards in a single order. You need to use code USEGC222 at checkout to get this deal.

The promotional credit expires August 9, so you can use it during Amazon Prime Day 2022. The credit will appear in your account two days after purchase.

Amazon gift card deal: Spend $50 on gift cards, get a $10 credit

Amazon free money deal No. 2: Reload $100 on a gift card, get $10

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Once you’ve purchased that Amazon gift card and scored your free $10 Amazon credit, why not go back and earn yet another $10 credit? Reload any Amazon gift card with $100 or more in a single transaction and you’ll get $10 credited to the card for free.

Note that, like the first Amazon gift card offer above, this reload offer only works once, and is limited to Amazon Prime members. The $10 award will appear in your account within three days. See the site for more details and eligibility.

Amazon gift card promo offer: reload $100, get $10 for free

Amazon free money deal No. 3: Complete a Stampcard, get $10



Amazon is offering Prime members $10 to explore the benefits of Prime before July 13, 2022. To collect the money, you’ll need to activate and complete a Prime Stampcard.

There are four steps to completing your Prime Stampcard: Make a Prime-eligible purchase, stream a show on Prime Video, listen to a song on Prime Music and borrow an eBook on Prime Reading. Your $10 credit will appear within 24 hours of completing your Stampcard.

Amazon free money deal No. 4: Get up to $60 in Prime Day credits



Looking to stack up even more Amazon credits for Prime Day 2022? Amazon has created a new free money hub filled with offers that promises up to $60 in credits. You can earn money by watching movies — there’s a $5 bounty if you buy a movie ticket to the new Pixar film “Lightyear” (doubled to $10 if you also buy “Lightyear” merch), and another $5 bounty if you buy a ticket to “Elvis.” Consumer goods company Proctor and Gamble, meanwhile, is offering a $20 credit when you buy $75 worth of cleaning products.

Amazon free money deal No. 5: Get $20 in Prime Day credit for uploading photos



First-time Amazon Photos users who download the free Amazon Photos app and upload and auto-save at least one photo will receive a $20 Prime Day credit. Really — it’s that easy.

Prime users will receive the $20 credit within four days. The credit expires at 11:59 p.m. (PDT) on July 13.

Amazon free money deal No. 6: Add a card to Amazon Wallet and receive $25



Add a credit or a debit card to your Amazon Wallet to receive a $25 credit. After you successfully add your card, you’ll receive an email notification specifying the expiration date of the promotional credit. To redeem the credit, make make a purchase using any valid payment — not just the card you added.

Although Amazon says this limited-time offer is only available to customers who were served an advertisement or received an email for an “Add-a-Card” promotion, there’s no reason you can’t try it too.

Note that this offer excludes certain items, including Alexa, Fire and Kindle products.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon has announced that it will hold its annual Amazon Prime Day sale on Tuesday, July 12 and Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Amazon Prime comes with a 30-day free trial, if you’re a new customer. That means you can sign up for Amazon Prime today, start enjoying all the benefits now, and participate in Amazon Prime Day 2022 without having to pay.

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