Better Call Saul Season 6 Death Explains Breaking Bad Detail, Says Star

Better Call Saul’s latest dramatic season 6 death explains a certain Breaking Bad detail, says one of the spinoff show’s stars.

[The following contains spoilers for Better Call Saul season 6, episode 8]

Better Call Saul’s latest big death explains a certain Breaking Bad detail, says one of the spinoff show’s stars. It was a foregone conclusion that the final season of Better Call Saul would be the show’s most dramatic yet. But the Breaking Bad spinoff may have delivered bigger than anyone ever could have expected.

Death was of course expected to be a big part of the equation when Better Call Saul unleashed season 6 on its fans. Breaking Bad was never shy about killing off characters after all, ultimately lowering the curtain on fan-favorites like Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez, not to mention the main character Walter White himself. Fans of course knew that BB characters like Saul Goodman, Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut would survive BCS season 6. But they didn’t have the same certainty about non-Breaking Bad characters like Nacho, Howard Hamlin and Lalo. And indeed after the latest Better Call Saul episode, all three of those characters have now met their fate, with Tony Dalton’s Lalo joining the roll call of the deceased after being taken out by Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus in the future meth lab hidden beneath his laundry.


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Better Call Saul indeed set up this end for Lalo earlier in the season when Gus was seen hiding a gun in the excavated space soon to be occupied by his meth lab. In this sense it was inevitable that Lalo would meet his end (though clearly Saul still won’t know for sure that Lalo is gone when the events of Breaking Bad take place). But while Lalo’s arc is now over, Gus’ is still developing, and indeed his murder of Lalo marks a pivotal point on his own path to becoming the version of himself that fans first encountered back in Breaking Bad season 2. Discussing his character’s exit, Lalo actor Dalton took a moment to explain how Gus’ handling of his adversary paves the way for him to become the steely and unshakable villain of Breaking Bad (via Variety):

“I talked to Giancarlo about it, the whole part where Gus is worried that Lalo is going to get him — you don’t see an uncertainty in “Breaking Bad.” You can see it a little bit in here, that weakness and Achilles’ heel. After Lalo dies, that cements Gus into the person that he becomes in “Breaking Bad.”

Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca and Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring in Better Call Saul

Indeed a big chunk of Better Call Saul season 6’s first half was taken up with Gus going to agonizing lengths to protect himself from Lalo, including putting himself up in a safe house under the guard of Mike and his other cronies. In one sense of course the cat-and-mouse was always destined to end up in Gus’ favor, as fans already knew that he would not die. But Better Call Saul creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould still managed to wring drama from the playing out of Lalo and Gus’ final confrontation, as the ever-concern-worthy Kim Wexler got into the middle of it, and almost wound up meeting her own premature demise. Things then ended in truly grim fashion as both Howard and Lalo were buried under the floor of the future meth lab, adding new layers of grisly meaning to scenes in the original Breaking Bad where Walt and Jesse are literally walking on the dead men’s graves without knowing it.

For Gus of course the use of his excavated future meth lab as a handy tomb is just a matter of practicality. Fans however can’t help remembering another grisly moment from that same space: Gus’ vicious box-cutter murder of Victor in Breaking Bad season 4, a moment that fully revealed the true danger lurking within the seemingly mild-mannered fried chicken purveyor. Now fans have in some way witnessed the birth of that later cold-blooded version of Gus via his killing of Lalo in Better Call Saul. As fans were warned going into the season, the final run of Better Call Saul episodes do indeed tie things back into Breaking Bad. Such is surely the case with Gus, who now feels like he has fully become his Breaking Bad self.

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Better Call Saul FINALLY Explains Breaking Bad’s Lalo/Ignacio Line

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