The Walking Dead’s New Rick & Michonne Show Is Better Than Movies

After years of waiting for Rick and Michonne’s movie, The Walking Dead has now announced the two will complete their story in a 6-part TV series.

Following his long absence from the show, Rick Grimes will finally return to The Walking Dead in a new spin-off show with Michonne. Andrew Lincoln left The Walking Dead during season 9 to spend time with his family, but there has long been speculation that Rick Grimes will return. Originally, there were plans to have a trilogy of Walking Dead movies that focused on Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln joined Michonne actress Danai Gurira and Walking Dead executive producer Scott Gimple onstage at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, however, to reveal that Rick’s final adventure will be a six-part TV series.


Rick Grimes was written out of The Walking Dead in the first half of season 9 when he blew up Alexandria’s bridge to prevent a herd of walkers from swarming the town. Initially, Rick was assumed dead, but he was later found downstream by Jadis, who helped Rick Grimes by signaling a mysterious helicopter to fly the two of them away. Daryl and the rest of Rick Grimes’ group have learned to live without him, but they have never quite let go of the hope that he might still be out there, given that they couldn’t find his body. Another key departure from the flagship Walking Dead show was Michonne, Rick’s partner, who left in season 10 after finding a clue that suggested Rick was alive.

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While a Rick and Michonne reunion story has always been the plan, a TV show is a better delivery method for it than a movie. Following Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the series in November 2019, The Walking Dead movies were announced but have been stuck in development hell since then, which is usually not a fantastic sign concerning the quality of a film. The choice to make Rick and Michonne’s next chapter a TV series has injected fresh life into a project that was losing momentum. Following the announcement that the series will be released in 2023, Walking Dead fans now have something to be legitimately excited about following the end of the main show.

Why Rick & Michonne’s Show Is The Right Way To End Their Story

Danai Gurira as Michonne and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead universe is now so vast that it would be a struggle for the now-scrapped Rick Grimes movies to have paid off every storyline that has been set up. Not only does Michonne have to find him first, but Rick also has plenty of loose ends to tie up back in Alexandria, the most important of which include seeing his children again and his much-anticipated reunion with Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon. On top of that, The Walking Dead franchise has grown significantly in recent years, and its spinoffs have set up more threads for Rick and Michonne’s series to explore. Most notably, Jadis has become one of The Walking Dead: World Beyond‘s main characters in season 2, but little has been explored about her relationship with Rick since she flew him away from Alexandria.

The demand for new TV series is greater than ever, and although The Walking Dead‘s viewership numbers are down from its peak seasons, a returning Rick Grimes will undoubtedly spike the figures once more. Other franchises have proven the value of well-produced TV series in terms of both viewership and the ability to tell complex stories. The MCU’s TV shows, including Ms. Marvel and WandaVision, could have feasibly been movies, but making them series allowed for greater character and narrative development than would be possible in the more time-restrictive feature film format. With so much to wrap up in The Walking Dead, the announcement of a Rick Grimes and Michonne TV series is a welcome one – it would have been a shame to condense their final story into a film and risk a rushed denouement.

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