Bert Fields Dead: Hollywood Lawyer Was 93

Bertram “Bert” Fields, the larger-than-life entertainment lawyer whose roster of star clients and studios spoke to a penchant for doling out legal threats with a rhetorical flourish, along with a capacity for winning lucrative settlements, has died at his Malibu home, his rep confirmed to Variety. He was 93. Fields thrived on the notion that he … Read more

Britney Spears duet with Elton John is CONFIRMED as part of post-conservatorship comeback

Britney Spears is officially making her comeback to pop music with the help of Elton John. On Monday, it was confirmed that Britney and Elton have teamed up for a reimagining of his classic hit Tiny Dancer, which has been re-titled Hold Me Closer.  Temporary artwork for the song uses two emojis that represent the stars; a … Read more

With another miserable travel weekend reported, DOT considers proposal that would put money in your pocket for delayed flights ::

By Chuck Johnston, CNN Business & Monica Casey, WRAL Durham reporter CNN — Following a miserable weekend for travel, Monday isn’t looking much better. Another wave of airline cancellations and delays is taking its toll on passengers across the United States on Monday. According to the flight tracking website FlightAware, about 500 US flights had … Read more

Discovery in paleontologist’s backyard reveals evidence of North America’s early humans

Butchering marks can be seen on the mammoth ribs. The top rib shows a fracture from blunt force impact, the middle rib shows a puncture wound and the bottom rib shows chopping marks. (Timothy Rowe et al., The University of Texas at Austin) Estimated read time: 4-5 minutes AUSTIN, Texas — The surprising discovery of … Read more

‘Yoda’ primates sing duets like opera stars

Tiny, monkeylike creatures called tarsiers sing duets together in the style of opera singers — but those who fail to hit the high notes may also flop at attracting mates, scientists recently suggested.  With their large, pointed ears and expressive eyes, nocturnal tarsiers carry a striking resemblance to the diminutive Jedi master Yoda from “Star … Read more

Travis Barker zip-lines through a forest while vacationing with Kourtney Kardashian

He claimed last year that his then-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian helped cure him of his fear of heights. And Travis Barker revealed just how far he had come on Sunday when he shared a video of himself zip-lining through a forest canopy. The 46-year-old Blink-182 drummer emphasized the miraculous turnaround by joking in his Instagram caption … Read more

Zipp brings less weight, more speed and lower price to the revamped 808 and 858 NSW wheelsets

Zipp’s wheel range has been overhauled completely over the last couple of years, with the brand making a wholesale switch to hookless and tubeless. This now includes the 808 Firecrest and 858 NSW wheelsets. The final piece in the puzzle was the brand’s deepest rims, and the 808 (80mm-deep) and 858 NSW (82/85mm-deep) have been … Read more

Powerful Radio Pulses Originating Deep in the Cosmos Probe Hidden Matter Around Galaxies

This artist’s concept shows distant fast radio bursts piercing the gaseous halos around galaxies in the local universe. The radio bursts are depicted traveling from the distant cosmos, through the galactic halos, and finally reaching telescopes on Earth. The bumps seen in two of the lines represent the radio burst themselves as they travel toward … Read more