NBA All-World, from Pokemon Go makers Niantic, goes mobile soon

Basketball is getting the Pokémon Go treatment in NBA All-World, Niantic’s next augmented reality mobile game. The developer, the league, and its players association jointly announced the new title is in development Tuesday morning. NBA All-World will take gameplay loops familiar to Pokémon Go fans and apply them to basketball, as both a recreational sport … Read more

Jeeyon Shim carved a new path in crowdfunding for her keepsake games

For Jeeyon Shim, making games wasn’t a hobby, but a necessity. After she was laid off from her outdoor education job due to the pandemic, the self-taught designer started doing full-time game design in 2020. She quickly amassed a loyal following for her work in narrative-driven “keepsake” games, an experimental offshoot of role-playing games that … Read more

Sonic Frontiers Shows Off Cyber Space And Switch Gameplay In New Trailer

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Update [Tue 28th Jun, 2022 17:30 BST]: More details have been shared by Sega following the Direct on Sonic Frontiers (thanks, Nintendo Everything!). This includes new abilities, specific enemy types, and a brand new character called Sage. We’ve also got more confirmation that Tails and Amy will be involved … Read more

Arm’s Immortalis GPU is its first with hardware ray tracing for Android gaming

Arm is announcing its new flagship Immortalis GPU today, its first to include hardware-based ray tracing on mobile. As PCs and the latest Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles are all gradually moving toward impressive ray-traced visuals, Immortalis-G715 is designed to be the Arm’s first GPU to deliver the same on Android phones and tablets. … Read more

The Morning After: Valve warns you, again, against modifying your Steam Deck

Valve the risks of do-it-yourself Steam Deck maintenance, and this time it’s reminding you that trying to upgrade the built-in storage could lead to problems. Following a PC Gamer article on modding the Steam Deck, Valve hardware designer Lawrence Yang against upgrading the device’s NVMe SSD. While it’s technically possible, the bigger M.2 2242 drives … Read more

Nintendo Direct Mini live coverage – All the news as it happens

Refresh 2022-06-28T12:02:15.075Z Nintendo Direct Mini June 2022 Expectations (Image credit: Nintendo) The Nintendo Direct Mini has a confirmed run-time of 25 minutes, with Nintendo expected to pack this showcase with details on new Switch games from various industry partners. We’re expecting updates from third-party publishers like 2K Games and Ubisoft, as well as developers such … Read more

Lululemon Is Aiming to Reinvent Hiking Apparel

Lululemon is giving “day tripping” a new meaning with its brand-new hiking collection, a first foray into the category from the brand that defined athleisure and active apparel. It’s no secret that hiking has exploded in popularity during the pandemic, but the numbers are still eyebrow-raising; according to a study conducted with the help of … Read more

iPhone 14 Component Shipments Now Underway Ahead of September Launch

Apple suppliers have begun shipping components for iPhone 14 models, which are expected to launch in September as usual, according to Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes. The report likely refers to components being shipped to manufacturers like Foxconn for final assembly of iPhone 14 models over the next few months. “Component suppliers have kicked off recently … Read more