10 Best PS5 and PS4 Games to Buy Now

Sony is in the midst of holding another massive series of sales on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles right now to coincide with the summer. At the time of this writing alone, the PlayStation Store is holding its Mid-Year sale, a sale dedicated entirely to DLC, and another one that has discounted PS5 and … Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook Hints at AR/VR Headset: ‘Stay Tuned and You’ll See What We Have to Offer’

CEO Tim Cook this week did an interview with China Daily, where he once again commented on on the future of augmented reality and hinted at Apple’s work on an AR/VR headset. Cook said that Apple is excited about the opportunities available with augmented reality, which is not too far off from prior comments that … Read more

15 Best Gym Bags to Buy in 2022

Though minimalistic duffel bags were the standard for decades, a growing number of highly-calculated purpose-built gym and workout bags have begun popping up over the last few years. Benefitting from ample real-world experience and field-testing, these custom-designed exercise packs boast a number of key advantages over their spartan, single-pocket predecessors. And while athletes and gym … Read more