NASA managers mull mostly successful moon rocket test

It took NASA four tries to fully fuel the new Space Launch System moon rocket, and even though fresh problems cropped up during the most recent practice countdown Monday, senior managers said they were pleased with the giant booster’s performance. “We think that we had a really successful rehearsal,” Tom Whitmeyer, deputy chief of NASA … Read more

What We Know About NASA’s Supposedly ‘Successful’ Megarocket Launch Rehearsal

NASA’s Space Launch System on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo: NASA NASA wrapped up its fourth wet dress rehearsal of the Space Launch System yesterday, during which time ground teams achieved a number of key test objectives. That said, an unresolved hydrogen leak prevented a full completion of the test, … Read more

NASA starts countdown for moon rocket’s fourth fueling attempt

Countdown clocks began ticking Saturday for NASA’s fourth attempt to complete a dress rehearsal countdown and fueling test of its Space Launch System moon rocket, a requirement before the huge booster can be cleared for launch on its long-awaited maiden flight. “There’s nobody that wants to get through this more than the EGS (Exploration Ground … Read more