Berkshire Hathaway Stock Hit Hard in June. Warren Buffett Is Probably Unfazed.

Text size Berkshire has scaled back its stock repurchase program this year, and that may be sending a message that CEO Warren Buffett doesn’t view the stock as being so cheap. Bill Pugliano/Getty Images Despite what CEO Warren Buffett has called its Fort Knox balance sheet with over $100 billion in cash, Berkshire Hathaway hasn’t … Read more

NIO Stock Is a Cautionary Tale for Tesla Shareholders

Electric vehicle maker NIO has been stuck in a range of roughly 10,000 monthly deliveries for almost a year. Courtesy Nio Text size Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO offers a cautionary tale for Tesla investors. What happened to its shares could happen to Tesla ’s if volume growth at Tesla follows a similar path as … Read more

5 signs the housing market is starting to slow down

There is a shift happening in the housing market. After more than a year of soaring demand, exploding home prices and increasing real estate sales, the market finally seems to be cooling off. “The housing market isn’t crashing, but it is experiencing a hangover as it comes down from an unsustainable high,” said Taylor Marr, … Read more

Amazon Could Run Out of Warehouse Workers to Wear Down by 2024

Amazon, the company notorious for its awful labor practices, is grinding through its potential workforce too fast, according to an internal company research memo leaked to and first reported on by Vox. “If we continue business as usual, Amazon will deplete the available labor supply in the US network by 2024,” said the document, according … Read more

What is a mild hybrid? The hybrid technology you might not even know you have

CNN Business  —  With gas prices passing $5 a gallon in many places, drivers may wish that they had a hybrid vehicle. In fact, many owners of newer vehicles could already be driving a hybrid and not even know it. Hybrid technology is finding its way into all sorts of vehicles that aren’t advertised as … Read more

Big Tech Has a New Antitrust Nemesis: John Oliver

Comedian John Oliver decided to wade into the antitrust battleground this week, and he didn’t hold back any punches. Oliver devoted 25 minutes of his most recent Last Week Tonight show to discuss general Big Tech badness and advocated in favor of a pair of historic antitrust bills currently being considered in Congress. The comedian … Read more

Companies Are Still Buying Back Stock. Ones to Favor, and Ones to Avoid.

Text size Las Vegas Sands is sitting on a pile of cash after selling its Vegas properties, including the Venetian Resort. Roger Kisby/Bloomberg With the stock market tumbling again, it’s bargain-hunting time. Companies buying back their stocks better make sure that they’re not throwing good money after bad. Despite the S&P 500’s 18% drop this … Read more