Xbox Game Studios Head Matt Booty Says Bethesda Isn’t Crunching

Photo: Lukas Schulze (Getty Images) At an all-hands meeting on Thursday, Xbox addressed the growing employee concerns about labor conditions at Bethesda Game Studios and its parent company, ZeniMax. Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, said he was “confident” that the studio was not crunching, and that it was “unfair” to attribute crunch culture … Read more

Goodbye Zachtronics, Developers Of Very Cool Puzzle Video Games

On July 5, Zachtronics will be releasing Last Call BBS, a collection of stylish little puzzle games wrapped up in a retro PC gaming vibe. After 11 years in business (and even longer outside of commercial releases), a time which has seen the studio develop a cult following almost unrivalled in indie gaming, it will … Read more

Nothing Phone Lighting Explained, Plus Pre-Orders Hit DropX

A look at the back side of the Nothing Phone (1) in Marques Brownlee’s video. Screenshot: YouTube / MKBHD Nothing, the smartphone brainchild of CEO Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, is once again testing the efficacy of its hype machine. The company is currently known for its economical earbuds, the Ear (1), which offer a … Read more

How to Share a Mouse and Keyboard Across Multiple Computers

For a lot of us, day-to-day computing involves using more than one computer—and sometimes more than one computer operating system too. That can mean a lot of wires and a lot of swapping between keyboards, mice and trackpads, but there are now multiple hardware and software options for sharing one set of input devices between … Read more

This dividend fund is down 3% vs. S&P’s 20% drop. Here are its top stock picks

By now even the most ardent tech and growth-stock enthusiasts realize the bull market is over. John Kornitzer’s approach to selecting high-quality stocks for the Buffalo Flexible Income Fund is one that has worked well during the bear market. High inflation, uncertainty in so many industries amid supply-chain issues and labor shortages, the Federal Reserve’s … Read more

Instagram and Snapchat Announce Updates to Stay Relevant

Change is the only the constant, especially when it comes to social media apps. But that doesn’t mean the changes are unique. Instagram is testing out a full-screen feed feature that looks awfully similar to TikTok’s interface. And Snapchat is joining Twitter in adding a paid subscriber tier. Also, if Elon Musk gets his way, … Read more

Facebook Forgets Every Lesson Learned Trying to Imitate TikTok

Photo: Wachiwit (Shutterstock) For Facebook and its parent company Meta, “pride” and “envy” aren’t so much mortal sins as they are a modus operandi. The company’s obsession with being at the top of the social media ladder could also propagate more harmful content for users. Rainn Wilson’s First Fandoms: Star Trek And D&D The Verge … Read more

Bitcoin Plunge Hits MicroStrategy, Nvidia and These Other Stocks

Murmurs of a “crypto winter” are intensifying and shares of crypto-exposed companies are being caught up in the carnage, particularly companies like MicroStrategy and Coinbase that made big bets on Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin—the proxy for the cryptocurrency space—is down by more than 50% this year, exceeding the volatility that even crypto-enthusiasts have come … Read more