Google CEO Calls for ‘Simplicity Sprint’ Workers Fear Layoffs

Photo: Staff (Getty Images) Google CEO Sundar Pichai is reportedly calling on his staff to implement a “Simplicity Sprint” initiative meant to crowdsource employee ideas around product development, drive up efficiency and, “get better results faster.” The proposal comes on the heels of a hiring freeze and a series of worrying emails that has some … Read more

Sergey Brin whisks blonde date away in a TESLA after date after claims his wife slept with Elon Musk

Sergey Brin has been spotted whisking his blonde date away in a Tesla after a cozy date with a mystery blonde in Malibu last night. The Google co-founder has been stoically silent during the past week where the spotlight shone on the breakdown of his marriage to his estranged wife Nicole Shanahan, 33. On Sunday … Read more

Productivity and focus must improve

Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks on stage during the annual Google I/O developers conference in Mountain View, California, May 8, 2018. Stephen Lam | Reuters Google is launching a new effort called “Simplicity Sprint” in an effort to improve efficiency and improve employee focus during an uncertain economic environment. The Alphabet company had its regular … Read more

Opinion: Big Tech shows its good to be big, as growth slowdown leads to stock gains while smaller rivals find only pain

After super charged, double-digital growth during the pandemic, the results from the five biggest U.S. tech giants this week showed a slowdown as they grapple with inflation, looming recession and an overall slowing economy, but they were largely rewarded by Wall Street because their size shows their strength. During the last week, all of Big … Read more

WSJ defends editor under attack from Elon Musk over allegation of affair with Sergey Brin’s ex-wife

The Wall Street Journal says Elon Musk’s online attacks against Investigations Editor Michael Siconolfi are ‘unwarranted and unfounded after the paper claimed Musk had an affair with the then-wife of Google’s co-founder.  A Wall Street Journal spokesman told that they were ‘confident in our sourcing and stand by our reporting.’ WSJ also noted Siconolfi was … Read more

Facebook Tries Buying App, Gets Sued For Over VR Monopoly

Image: Within It’s been a very bad year so far for Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, in ways extremely unique to being one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Despite still making almost $7 billion in profit in recent months, TikTok is eating its lunch, the stock price is in shambles, … Read more

2023 Chevrolet Colorado: This Is It

Photo: Chevrolet Chevrolet has just revealed a ground-up redesign of its midsize pickup, the Colorado. With this third-generation model, Chevrolet has had the chance to assess what works for the Colorado, which struggled to stand out in the midsize pickup segment — until the Colorado ZR2 came out. The success of the ZR2 is clearly … Read more

The Nier Automata Secret Door Nobody Can Figure Out Got Weirder

Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku Factions. In-fighting. The whispers of a bounty. For the past few days, the Nier: Automata community has been tearing itself apart over a secret chamber no one knows how to enter, which could be anything from a prank to cut content to a well-executed spot of viral marketing. Only one … Read more

The Fed will cut rates next year, says BofA. Here’s what will happen to Treasurys.

All eyes will be on the Federal Reserve on Wednesday. The central bank is widely expected to continue the fast pace of monetary tightening with another 75 basis-point hike in borrowing costs. But even before confirmation that inflation has peaked, the market is starting to price in the chances of interest cuts next year as … Read more