The Average Electric Car Now Costs $54,000

Photo: Christopher Furlong (Getty Images) The average cost of buying an electric car is now $10,000 more than purchasing a gas-powered vehicle, Japanese lawmakers want to cut targets for zero-emission vehicles, and the Hyundai Ioniq 5. All that and more in The Morning Shift for June 27, 2022. 1st Gear: The Average Cost of EVs … Read more

This star hedge-fund manager says some major tech names are now value plays, as he shorts one meme-stock favorite

Stocks are on the rebound again, at least that’s the vibe from futures. That’s a day after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell confirmed to lawmakers, what markets already knew — that a soft economic landing might be tricky while taming the inflation beast. Along with average investors, hedge funds have had a rough start to … Read more

The 10 ‘most American-made’ cars and SUVs may surprise you

One Tesla model topped another to rank as the most “American-made” vehicle for 2022 in this long-running index that judges contenders based their U.S.-based assembly line, major parts sourcing and other features. It’s Tesla’s TSLA, +9.35% Model Y earning the No. 1 ranking from this year, the auto listing and news site announced Tuesday. … Read more

The Restomodded Prodrive P25 Will Carry a $560,000 Price Tag

Image: Prodrive When the fine folks at Prodrive revealed plans to resurrect the Subaru Impreza 22B STi, the car internet appeared to receive the news with a vague mix of heightened interest and exhaustion. Interest because who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of a modern interpretation of the baddest Impreza ever made? (It’ll always … Read more

NIO Stock Is a Cautionary Tale for Tesla Shareholders

Electric vehicle maker NIO has been stuck in a range of roughly 10,000 monthly deliveries for almost a year. Courtesy Nio Text size Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO offers a cautionary tale for Tesla investors. What happened to its shares could happen to Tesla ’s if volume growth at Tesla follows a similar path as … Read more

At $18,900, is This 1978 Isuzu 117 Coupé an Import With Import?

Today’s Nice Price or No Dice Isuzu is one of the best-looking cars ever to come out of Japan, which makes it a shame for it to have never been officially offered here in America. Let’s see if the price on this privately-imported example is equally as handsome. These days, being a smoker in public … Read more

Tesla Reported More Self-Driving Crashes Than Any Other Vehicle

Photo: Patrick Pleul (Getty Images) Federal regulators released data today painting the clearest picture yet of the state of driver-assisted technology in the U.S. That picture includes at least half a dozen deaths. Rainn Wilson’s First Fandoms: Star Trek And D&D Between July 1, 2021 and May 15 this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety … Read more

The 2023 McLaren Artura Proves Hybrids Don’t Have to Be Scary

Photo: McLaren They’re coming fast now, one after another: Electric and hybrid performance cars, so inevitable and implacable that weary traditionalists barely bother to shake a fist or gnash their teeth. The McLaren Artura is the latest, a 671-hp, 205-mph plug-in hybrid supercar that underscores every industry recalibration and strategic recalculation: If an automaker doesn’t … Read more

What is a mild hybrid? The hybrid technology you might not even know you have

CNN Business  —  With gas prices passing $5 a gallon in many places, drivers may wish that they had a hybrid vehicle. In fact, many owners of newer vehicles could already be driving a hybrid and not even know it. Hybrid technology is finding its way into all sorts of vehicles that aren’t advertised as … Read more

Strategist who nailed the recent S&P 500 top says three things are needed for a market bottom

Wariness is in order after the S&P 500’s bear-market finish and a potential 75 basis-point Fed hike just one day away. Gains for stock futures and a potential bounce are fading fast. Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson, who can count some wins after pounding the table this year over a gloomy stock setup, told clients on Sunday that … Read more