Astronauts Can Suffer a Decade of Bone Loss During Months in Space, New Research Suggests

The new research found that human bones, like the wrist bone pictured here, suffers from accelerated loss of density as the result of long-duration missions in space. Image: L. Gabel et al., 2022 Long-term exposure to microgravity results in the loss of bone density, and new research reveals the disturbing extent to which this happens … Read more

LightSail 2 Mission Poised to Burn Up in Earth’s Atmosphere

LightSail 2 spacecraft captured this image on June 11, 2022, which shows Madagascar and a portion of Mozambique.Image: The Planetary Society For the past three years, a tiny loaf-of-bread-sized spacecraft with gigantic wings has been sailing on sunbeams in low Earth orbit. LightSail 2 has far exceeded its life expectancy and proven that solar sails … Read more

What We Know About NASA’s Supposedly ‘Successful’ Megarocket Launch Rehearsal

NASA’s Space Launch System on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo: NASA NASA wrapped up its fourth wet dress rehearsal of the Space Launch System yesterday, during which time ground teams achieved a number of key test objectives. That said, an unresolved hydrogen leak prevented a full completion of the test, … Read more

Elon Musk Pegs July for First Orbital Launch of Starship

Starship is designed to carry astronauts and cargo to the Moon, and maybe even further destinations like Mars.Photo: SpaceX Yesterday, Elon Musk said Starship will be ready for its first orbital launch next month, followed by monthly liftoffs from the company’s south Texas base. It’s an ambitious timeline, but the private space company has not … Read more