NYC workers wait 90 minutes in line for Cava’s trendy lunch

The Midtown lunch rush is back. On a sweltering summer weekday in Midtown Manhattan, where, supposedly, nobody works anymore, a fashionable crowd lined up on the sidewalk in front of Mediterranean fast-casual eatery Cava. The Broadway and 38th Street location of the Greek-inspired chain has been hailed, jokingly, as “the hardest club to get into … Read more

Facebook Tries Buying App, Gets Sued For Over VR Monopoly

Image: Within It’s been a very bad year so far for Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, in ways extremely unique to being one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Despite still making almost $7 billion in profit in recent months, TikTok is eating its lunch, the stock price is in shambles, … Read more

Selena Gomez and best friend Francia Raisa take part in hilarious ‘He’s a 10 but…’ TikTok challenge

Selena Gomez took to TikTok on Wednesday to share a video of her and best friend Francia Raisa partaking in a viral challenge.  The actress – who celebrated her 30th birthday on Friday – did the ‘He’s a 10 but…’ challenge, where one person pitches a hypothetical scenario where they give a potential love interest … Read more

Opinion: Is Mark Zuckerberg taking the first step toward turning Facebook into Yahoo 2.0?

Yahoo was once the most popular website on the planet, the only place that everyone on the internet seemed to touch at least once an online session. After an ignominious slide, however, Yahoo is just another site that has some fans in certain parts of Asia and offers some niche products. Has Mark Zuckerberg launched … Read more

How To Craft A Pastel Gaming Room With The Most Kawaii Gear

Photo: 10eegaming Crack open the door to self-described “kawaii tech creator” Celeste Fleurs’ room, and you’ll suddenly feel as if you’ve been living your life as a strawberry in some Fruity Pebbles cereal. Like countless other gamers online, Fleurs is an expert of “pastel gaming”—a term borne from Japanese kawaii aesthetics, and perhaps, a need … Read more

Sunset of the social network

Mark last week as the end of the social networking era, which began with the rise of Friendster in 2003, shaped two decades of internet growth, and now closes with Facebook’s rollout of a sweeping TikTok-like redesign. The big picture: Under the social network model, which piggybacked on the rise of smartphones to mold billions … Read more

We moved our family of six into a shed after we lost our jobs

It’s a sheddy life — but mom-of-four Jessica Taylor wouldn’t have it any other way.  In June 2020, after facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic, she and her husband, Lath, decided to shed the comforts of their three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in northwest Arkansas. The family of six moved into a 500-square-foot toolshed. Friends thought it was … Read more

Taylor Swift dons leather trousers, joins her longtime friends Haim onstage for mashup of songs

Taylor Swift dons cropped top and leather trousers as she joins longtime pals Haim onstage for SURPRISE mashup of songs during London concert By Sam Joseph Semon For Published: 23:49 EDT, 21 July 2022 | Updated: 05:04 EDT, 22 July 2022 Taylor Swift surprised thousands in attendance as she joined Haim onstage during their concert … Read more

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart slap each other doing TikTok’s viral tortilla challenge

Kevin Hart could not stop laughing as he and frequent castmate Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took on TikTok’s viral tortilla challenge in a video posted Wednesday. In it, two people fill their mouths with water then they play rock-paper-scissors to determine who slaps who first with a tortilla, and the first person to spit out … Read more